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The Unique and Iconic Roof Bamboo helmet

The story behind…

Claude Morin, founder of Roof International in 1993, graduated as a mechanical engineer was early passionate about composite and wooden materials applied to racing cars chassis and boat hulls.

At the beginning of 2000’s, Morin set up his factory in Vietnam dedicated to the manufacture of hull helmets formerly assembled in France.

It was in Vietnam that he was welcome, he thought of creating a helmet that would look like this country. It made sense to use Bamboo, this prestigious material to combine it with resin.

Early 2000s Sustainable development and recycling was hype

The idea was a success and its limited edition made the ROOF Bamboo an iconic vintage sought after product. ROOF proved his expertise in this new area of sustainable development creating a timeless model. Early 2000, sustainable development ideas were fashionable. 

Our challenges: weaving thin round shell and light weight

ROOF helmets are usually made in fiberglass or carbon fiber and producing shells in Bamboo was a totally different challenge. Roof had to rethink all processes from the start.

Impact tests revealed the bamboo fiber properties were too hard compared to other fiber they used to work with.

Plain bamboo woven from Mekong Delta

A special weaving technique was developed with craftsmen for the bamboo to make round shapes and still keep strength.

Bamboo is a very porous material, adding resin plus varnish was one of the main challenges to reduce weight. In the end, ROOF Bamboo helmet is homologated at a weight of 1300 gr.

We had to make sure on every step of our fabrication our helmet in Bamboo fulfilled all requirements by the European conformity.

The serie was produced at 2500 pieces

The only helmet in the world fully conceived of natural bamboo fiber. 

This iconic helmet is now sold out worldwide. 

The helmet is certified E22-05 so you can use it to drive anywhere in the world.

You can be a privileged owner of a brand new one out of the factory. Find it in our “unique in Vietnam’ section