The story of Claude Morin to bring Roof Helmets to Vietnam

Biography of Claude Morin:

Formation of mechanical engineer in France, Claude Morin has been passionate about composite materials since their arrival in the automotive industry and the advent of the first Chevrolet Corvettes in the late 1950s and the Alpines in the early 1960s.

It was in the 1960s that he saw racing cars with wooden and composite chassis for the first time.

In the 70s, he approached the field of construction of resin-impregnated wooden boat hulls and started looking for a composite solution for the manufacture of motorcycle helmets.

Roof Helmets’s story

Since 1993, under the aegis of Claude Morin, ROOF is dedicated to high-tech helmets development to the protection and safety of the biker.

 The brand stands out today by the creation of revolutionary technical concepts, the use of original and innovative materials, design helmets with original shapes and innovative design, adapted manufacturing, while all elements that constitute the philosophy even ROOF: be precursor, imagine, invented and develop helmets that you will wear tomorrow!

Roof’s products

The first helmet proposed Claude Morin is Roadster : the first helmet with a window screen, a feature that makes case in point today. The brand reputation moved with the release of Boxer, undoubtedly the most iconic helmet brand! Modular first with its 180°rotating chin bar, Boxer will launch the success of the brand. After more than a million copies sold and with many improvements, BOXER has through the generations and remain a benchmark in modular category helmets.

20 years after BOXER’s release, ROOF keeps the revolution on by giving birth to the BOXXER CARBON. Real mass of innovations, this huge novelty puts the codes of versatile helmets even higher. Showed at the EICMA Exhibition at Milan in 2017, the very enthusiastic welcoming of professional and public predicts a large success, on the traces of the BOXER…

 Among the other helmets of their ranges, introducing the unavoidable DESMO is useless, as the first full face helmet 100% versatile, became a reference in touring helmets for all the riders looking for road trips and freedom. DESMO benefits from the latest technologies for an uncompromising style, it’s about without doubt the helmet featuring the most advanced on-board mechanism.

Vietnam: the creation of ROOF BAMBOO HELMET

At the beginning of 2000, Morin set up his factory in Vietnam dedicated to the manufacture of the helmets hulls assembled in France.

It was in Vietnam that he was welcome and thought of creating a helmet that would look like this country. It made sense to use Bamboo, this prestigious herb, and to combine it with resin.

The idea was a success. Produced and sold in limited series, the ROOF Bamboo helmet has been approved by European standards.

What represented a huge challenge at the start, this reveals a total success in a helmet market in perpetual innovation.

The success of this innovative and pioneering model continues today and they have the ambition to develop new Bamboo models for the next collection to come. Their website:

Roof International’s products are now available in our stockroom. Feel free to follow their boutique on our website for your favorite helmet choices:


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