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“ Under the sign of the blue dragon ”

the 160 pages that make up this book are all captivating and magnificent. This object is a wonderful gift idea for all those who love Vietnam, those who do not yet have fixed ideas and for those who have not yet taken the trip or who will not be able to do so. Indeed, everything that makes the charm of the country is there: the people, the houses, the bridges, the animals, the cyclists, the bamboo, the geography and the history. But also the conical hats, the betel quid and the incense sticks.

This book is a beautiful harvest of images, drawings, photos and stories with lines, colors, mixed words … We will read there at the beginning of the book: “Who did not hope to bring back from a trip to Vietnam this harvest of images? Some seized on the fly by a skillful brush, such as this cyclo in full race in a deep avenue of Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, suddenly turned towards which elsewhere? ”.

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160 pages

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