Wine Clos d’Estac Red Oak Barrel

215,000 VND

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The Grape

Cabernet Sauvignon Oak Barrel

Alcohol content 13%

The Experience

Eye: Bold, dark fruit flavors, silky tannins and savory finish.

Nose: Black fruit bouquet with subtle spices.

Palate: Dark berry flavors, silky tannins and long, sumptuous finish.


Serving: 16-18C

Wine & Food: To accompany with red meat and cheeses


Wine & Food: To accompany beef, veal and poultry

Minimum order pack of 6 bottles
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Maker Info
  • Cellier Indochine
  • Cellier Indochine

    Established in January 2011, CELLIER INDOCHINE (former VMV Asia) is a limited liability company with registered capital of 1,100,000 USD, specializing in producing and distributing wines.

    CELLIER INDOCHINE occupies a market share specifically responding to both domestic and overseas Asian and Pacific demand for quality wines. We have opened an office in Saigon to ensure a commercial and distribution service throughout the southern region of Vietnam.

    40% to 50% of imported wine is from many different French vineyards Rhône Valley, Bordeaux, Bourgogne, Languedoc. The rest are from other winemaking countries such a Spain and Italia, Chile, Argentina, and Australia for the New World.

    The wine is transported in bulk from Ho Chi Minh City to Da Lat where it is stored and bottled in a brand new factory of 2,000sqm, respecting the highest European quality and safety standards, alongside a 2,000sqm storage area.

    CELLIER INDOCHINE mainly focuses on customers’ particular needs by guaranteeing a quality product at the best price. This is achievable by importing wine in bulk and bottling it in a state of the art factory in Vietnam. Cellier Indochine carefully chooses the wines producers all over the world then control the bottling process before adding labels and other customers’ requirements.

    CELLIER INDOCHINE is able to provide a professional customized experience, delivering products that will perfectly fit the local demand in terms of quality and prices.

    Thanks to a knowledgeable team, CELLIER INDOCHINE is able to listen and adapt to each one of their customers, from a financial or logistic point of view.

    Our customers shall enjoy a tailor-made service and products in order to offer a suitable product for their market, always ahead of the competition.