Rhum Belami Legacy (20cl)

690,000 VND

Deep and exotic, this fruity and spicy rum is perfect for many occasions. The wonderful mix of taste will provide you a surprising twist. Legacy Edition is the ingredient to create memorable cocktails.

Main note: litchi, passion fruit, cinnamon, red pepper, turmeric.

Bottling 6 months after a short aging process

“Gold” 225g/hap TNA


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  • First craft Rum distilled in Vietnam
  • All bottles are handcrafted
  • Oak smocked barrel
  • No sugar added (<5g/l)
  • No chemical additives
  • Natural conservative (turmeric)
  • Glycerin free
  • Pure Vessou
  • Small Batch
Maker Info
  • Belami
  • Belami

    Rhum Belami is the first handcrafted cane spirit in Vietnam. Produced in small batches by a French mixologist, Rhum Belami blends Vietnamese ingredients with its Caribbean heritage to transform the legacy of producing into a new borderless experience.

    Heritage savoir faire

    Our secret lies in the separation of all ingredients and in the different stages of maceration, cold extraction and enfleurage to obtain the perfect intensity of flavor and catch all the body healthy’s effects.

    Various special ingredients are prepared and assembled following an old french Caribbean recipe, giving a natural vasodilator effect and an original woody taste combined with the fermentation in oak-smoked barrel.