Harmony Box With Cards

890,000 VND

*  Available in Vietnam Only

Gift set contains:

  • 1 Ceramic Box with lead
  • 33 cards with beautiful illustrations and inspiring quotes

Product size: 14 x 11x H12 cm

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“In the Chinese language, the syllable pronouced “Hé” can be found in the words Box (盒), Harmony (和谐) and Lotus (荷). The harmony there, is reflected by the expression (鱼水横) – relation uniting the fish and the water.

While in the West, the box is often associated with a feminine symbol, in Asia, to posses or offer a box is a symbol of good omens. These words and these images (box, lotus, harmony, feminity…) inspired the pages that follow, the cover of which had to be a ceramic box” – François Jarlov.

Maker Info
  • Francois Jarlov
  • Francois Jarlov


    Starting his career as a ceramicist since 1978 at the age of 18, however, Francois had started to paint and sell his paintings when he was 13 years old.

    During his journey of creation, ceramics gives him the passion of discovering new glazes and form which he had transferred in objects and what he feels of the architect of his surroundings. Meanwhile, his paintings are the joys of moment relaxing and playing with colors. Both of his paintings and ceramic objects have been exhibited in many countries such as Japan, Vietnam, Germany, Portugal, Egypt, Turkey, Canada, etc.

    Nowadays, he shares his life between France and Vietnam. Besides, Francois loves to write and he had published 5 books in which the title "Under The Sign Of The Blue Dragon" telling about Vietnam is one of the best seller books.