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Nervure collection

For the Nervure collection in cast aluminum, Quasar Khanh was inspired by organic forms, drawing directly from nature, in the veins of large leaves of alocasias.
Fire, sand and metal, the Nervure collection is the fruit of a spirit of invention and craftsmanship
Vietnam and its incredible resources fascinated us and contributed to the development of this collection.
Like an exotic plant, pieces of metal are born in the sand. The molten aluminum is sprinkled to grow a new species of metal plant.
Each piece is slightly different so unique.
The workshop works exclusively with recycled metal as Quasar wished. Through this ecological concept, we strengthen the link of this collection with nature.
Finally, it is in our workshop of polishing and finishing that each piece reveals itself and assembles to give life to the “Nervure” collection.
Past, present and future combine for this collection imagined more than forty years ago by Quasar Khanh.

Size : 24 X 14 X H75 cm

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