Quasar Khanh: legend of Interior Designing

“Quasar Khanh, if I had a master, that’s him” – Philippe Starck

Who is Quasar Khanh that Philippe Starck admires ?

The Vietnamese Visionary Designer Quasar Khanh (1934-2016), he devoted his talent to the World of Interior Decors and brought out stunning products to be called idol of the Pop Art during the years of 60-70. Well Philippe Starck, the iconic designer of the century is a fan.

Before having the name Quasar Khanh, Nguyen Manh Khanh studied engineering at the National School of Bridges and Roads (1955-1958) in Paris and met his wife for the first time Emmanuelle who was a French fashion designer. In the same year of their marriage in 1957, he started going with his pseudonym Quasar, which, in many years later of their career, remarked their success on the global arena of Interior Design.

Besides his achievements in the field of Science, Quasar Khanh has been well-known for series of outstanding designs in which the creations ahead of its time.

As a compliment, his Aerospace collection was written on ADAM Magazine as a creation which responds to the question of toxic materials used for the products at that time

Collection Aerospace at Popville Quasar Khanh

Or the organic design Aluminum Cast Furniture has been moulded in sand cast and polished by hand

Aluminum Nervure Chair by Quasar Khanh

You can read more about Quasar and discover their working of Aluminum Cast  Furniture, when he first returned to Vietnam, throughout this video: 


We are happy to have iconic products of Quasar Khanh in our section Unique-in-Vietnam, for more info email me Sophie@boutiques.asia or simply become a member of boutiques.asia, the art of lifestyle shopping, for exclusive and genuine offers from our Makers.



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