”Since in Vietnam, the most interesting thing in my design & decoration work is to make the house reflect the personality and lifestyle of the owner, find out the way to help that personality become unique and outstanding in the project” – Mathilde Tran Thanh Truc.


Photo taken by Sofacompany for the design event 

How Mathilde started in fashion design & interior Art decoration arriving to Vietnam

Mtahilde definition of An interior decorator is “someone who goes into detail in choosing furniture, decorative objects, lamps, flowerpots, pictures, etc… to make the space express the owner’s personality”. Interior decoration is the last touch to finish and bring life to the building. In Vietnam, there are not many people who work as Interior Decorators. And one of the most famous, experienced Decorators is Mathilde Tran Thanh Truc. She lived and studied in Paris for 15 years, then Mathilde Trần worked with a Dutch architect, in his architectural firm in Paris. They later became partners in life. Then she decided to come to Vietnam in 1998, realizing that beautiful Asia inspired design in fashion was missing in Vietnam, she decided to launch her own fashion brand named AOTA, which became famous locally. Her high-end fashion brand has been well-known for its Vietnamese inspiration and was loved by a lot of famous celebrities: Trần Thu Hà, Ngọc Khánh, Hải Yến, Thanh Lam, Minh Thư…

Photo of Mathilde Tran and her fashion brand AOTA on magazines

Starting an Interior Art decoration business in Vietnam

After achieving success in fashion, she then came back to her original passion: Interior Decoration, creative design and beautiful objects. Mathilde Trần and her partner founded Man Tao – an interior design company with the spirit of ”elaborate beauty”. She participated in many design projects from large to small scale: Oakwood Đô Thành, Bún Ta, Villa FB, Sum Villa…

Project Le Meridien hotel concept: window of art and lobby interior  

Later, becoming renowned in the hospitality industry for beautiful interior design, she went on with consulting as Senior Decorator Manager at Son Kim Land or Creative Director at Ki Deco (a turnkey decoration service specializing in rental apartments).

Mathilde’s project in housing and villas

‘‘To be an Interior Decorator, you should have general knowledge about: design language, materials, styles, colors; history of art; handicrafts such as lacquer, ceramic, wood carving, etc; other art forms such as cinema, music, photography, littérature …Then start to coordinate all of them to create an ambiance which has to deliver the emotion without breaking the spirit of the architectural design.”- Ms. Truc shared.

Mathilde inspiration for the future with Vietnam Interior designers

She decided to share her passion & culture for beautiful design made in Vietnam, mentoring younger generations, through “Makers” creations and stories: building à community of Decoration lovers. Until now, with more than 20 years of Interior Decoration experiences, Mathilde Tran has become an expert in creating concepts, beautifying spaces, and always pleasing customers. The “luxury” in her design doesn’t mean showing off many expensive pieces of furniture. “Luxury” here is the luxury in thinking, the combination of passion, knowledge, creativity of the decorator to create an ambiance and lifestyle. You can see two worlds  merging in Mathilde style: the  elegance of Europe combined with the traditional culture of Vietnam. The ultimate luxury will be a sophisticated and artistic space. “The interior decorator must be a writer who knows how to build the story in space through the arrangement of furniture, decorations, and works of art. Each project is meticulously detailed, which is not only to please the owner of the house, but also to satisfy the designer’s creative desire”.


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