IPA NIMA and its journey of having Vietnamese artisans’s reputation to the World

Nowadays, there are more and more stories about foreign people who have been contributing their talent to the reputation of Vietnam country. It could be their contribution to the Food culture, Nature & Travelling, Art, and even Fashion.

At Boutiques Asia, we would especially introduce to you the unique handbags from IPA NIMA, founded in 1997 by Mrs. Christina Yu, a Hong Kong origin lawyer. The first store was established in Hanoi.

With her talent and experience of many years travelling with her husband, Christina brought these handbags to life with cultural specificities from all the countries and cities that she had visited (Uzbekistan, Bali, HongKong or Bangkok)

IPA NIMA handbags inspired by the unique cultural specificities from many countries

Over from that characteristic, what we admire about IPA NIMA is their talent in having Vietnamese hand skilled artisans for creating sexy handbags, which are attractive not only to Vietnamese people but especially to Expatriates and Viet Kieu communities.

Launch of Gatsby Glamorous Collection 2013
Christina Yu sharing about IPA NIMA

Don’t hesitate to contact sophie@boutiques.asia for your member registration and have a look at unique collections from IPA NIMA on our website boutiques.asia, a lot of exclusive offers await !


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