How are we different from brand flash sale specialists?

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We are not a vente-privee – known as veepee worldwide – where the product is king for the fashionista who crave for a branded name at a discount during a flash sale.

We are not a cut-and-paste business model successful in the West that we want to apply in Asia. come from a collection of observation: designers produce over-run that ‘invade’ their warehouse, international travelers have a tough time finding original & quality gifts, factory prices are such a good deal when you can access them, landlord rentals are prohibitive in Vietnam District 1, retail is not the business of our Makers they produce quantity for export…

We are simply a webshop where ‘Shoppers’ meet ‘Makers’ and bring back a meaningful story of Vietnam as a gift.

In brief, we are Members-centric, we introduce our Shoppers excellent reasons to meet our Makers through their unique product and art creations.

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We are different

9 REASONS and more…

#1 We used to be fashionista, we’ve grown-up.

#2 We don’t own stock for flash sales, our Shoppers get good deals, value-for-money

#3 We hate spams, we ask you permission, non-intrusive

#4 Our Community members are Makers + Shoppers

#5 Our Makers are exceptional human characters

#6 When Shopping, you bring back an emotional story of Vietnam

#7 We compensate speed of delivery (sorry VN) by personal attentive service, when necessary

#8 If you find the Same better than our factory prices, we’ll refund you.

#9 is a like-minded community of esthetic epicureans, please help us keep it like that.